Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hair Is A Crown For Women

Many people sacrifice time and money so that their hair can look beautiful and luminous. Especially for the celebrities of the world, hair is an important part to support the appearance that always looks perfect.

To be able to grow with the healthy and look beautiful like the celebrities, needed some way to treat and guard.

First you must know the type of skin on your head properly. For example: if your oily skin of the head, then you should reduce the types of foods that contain lots of fat or oil, because the hair can be seen and can be more humid also lead to dandruff, so the hair will not be healthy and not interesting.

Sports is also very important, because the smooth circulation of blood can provide freshness to the skin and can also head to stimulate hair growth.

Some celebrities also said that to support the appearance of hair should drink lots of water and white. White water not only keep the body fitness but can also have positive impact on the humidity is enough hair, hair looks so beautiful and luminous.

Consume a lot of protein in fish meat, milk and cheese can also strengthen the hair and prevent the fall of. Hair fall out with the number of lots can cause a bald head, this is the fear, especially for women. Hair is bald does not look beautiful and does not create confidence in the top.

Vitamin A, B, C of the fruit and vegetables can also strengthen the hair and scalp to maintain health.

We must keep with the pattern we eat balanced, so that our bodies healthy and beautiful hair also become.
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