Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Angelina Jolie is angry at her stylist for her dress at Oscar

Angelina Jolie is not happy with her stylist for choosing her to wear a dress at the Oscar that exposes her right leg that causes global attention.

One source told British magazine Closer, "Angelina is horrified at the reaction her Oscars dress received. She pays her stylist Jen a lot of money to pick things that will make her look drop-dead gorgeous, but she felt the dress swallowed her up and she had to stick her leg, or it looked like she was wearing a bin bag."

"Now she's being laughed at when she's worked so hard on her look. She feels like a joke and is worried her reputation may have taken a hit."

"Ange briefly went to George Clooney's post Academy Awards dinner but left early on as she was still upset."

"She bitterly regrets wearing the dress and is just hoping the next time she's on the red carpet, she makes headlines for the right reasons."


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