Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jennifer Aniston’s new hair

Jennifer Aniston’s new hair

Jennifer Aniston has been known as a sexy actress, especially for the hot hairstyles she always wears. The ‘Friends’ actress is famous for the role of Rachel played by her. 
Her haircuts while playing the character of Rachel have been very popular over the years. One of them became so popular that is was called the ‘Rachel Haircut’.
Many women around the world carry a picture of Jennifer Aniston seeking the same hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston has always bean seen wearing her straight blonde hair. May be it is so because of the manageability of the hair. Her last comedies in year 2011 are: Horrible Bosses, Wanderlust,
And short film: Five For The Cure.

In the year 2011, fans all over the globe hope to see a new hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston.
She may chose from long w`vy to short sleek hairstyles with sleek layers which give a feeling of fullness to the hairstyle. Her fans can only be sure that she is definitely going to have the sexiest hairstyle possible for the year 2011.
Jennifer Aniston’s new hair

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